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Once you generate a shortened URL in, you also receive a link to view the statistics of your shortened link, with information on the traffic and the number of clicks it receives.


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What is shortening a URL?

Shortening a URL (or link) is generating a permanent redirect link from another website with a shorter domain name, to our website. Websites specialized in reducing URLs are called "URL shorteners".

What is a URL Shortener?

It is a specialized website that allows you to generate short URLs and permanently redirected to your larger URLs. The resulting link consists of a short base domain, accompanied by a sequence of 5 to 8 alphanumeric characters, generally.

What are URL Shorteners used for?

With the arrival of social networks, the problem of sharing long URLs in posts began to gain relevance. The limitation of characters in the publications and the increase of the variables to measure traffic that are attached in the URL, make it essential to use a tool to reduce the size of the links that are published, in order to maximize the text content writing of your post .

For example, let's say we have an article on our website and the url we want to share on Twitter is the-10-best-healthy-food-recipes . This url is 80 characters long and could be even longer if you measure more metrics of your traffic. If we consider that Twitter only supports 280 characters, this url would leave us with only 200 characters to write the rest of our post.

Faced with such a problem, URL Shorteners come to the rescue. Now, being able to reduce the size of the URLs is just one of several benefits that this type of tool provides its users.

The 3 main advantages of using a URL Shortener are:

  1. Reducing the size of your links is the first of them and the one we have discussed so far. Maximizing text content in social media posts is its main attraction.
  2. Obtain click statistics on the link shortened by You can know in real time the number of clicks and from where the visits that reach your final URL are referenced. This allows you to analyze and compare the different promotion platforms that you use.
  3. Improve the aesthetics of your publications . Seeing indecipherable texts causes confusion and loses the ease of being able to share it. It is not pleasant for anyone to see texts with many special characters and that are not understandable by someone who does not know programming or coding.